japan photo album

Below are the photo galleries Kate has taken with her mighty Canon S230 digital camera.
Print-quality files available upon request.

Received 5/8/03
The first shots are in Nara with Akari, and end with the shots of the deer (who have no qualems about walking up to people). Then a couple roof shots of Sanjusengendo temple, and shots of me with two friends from the dorm at Kinkakuji - the golden temple.
Received 5/11/03
Daily Life:
Shots of the dorm (before and after and painted/fixed it up), May, and stuff I see on the way to school. Also of the phone so Mom and Dad can visualize. Just day to day stuff...
Received 5/28/03
  These are of Nishijin (the textile district) with Fredricka and the group. Then some shots of the temple Ginnkakuji. Ginnkakuji is on the east side of the city, Kinnkakuji (the gold temple) is west. Both are really famous.
Received 6/06/03
Ginkakuji, Shosei-en Garden, Print Making Class, Heian Jingu:
  The first few are of Ginkakuji. The next batch are at Shosei-en garden - I cannot get enough of those fish. Also, I thought the bee sign was pretty funny. I imagined some huge queen bee that you'd have to fight Metroid style or something. Then there are shots of the printmaking room. Get this, only about half the presses are visible in that video! The two girls working are Akari (with hair pulled up) and Sachiko. The rest are just shots of me messing around. My lamp, a farmer, me on the subway. The last couple of shots are at Heian Jingu, the front gate. 
Received 7/03/03
Heian Jingu Shrine, Sanzen-in Temple, School, etc:
The first batch is of Heian Jingu Shrine. Then some pictures of the area and school, including some shots of the print making class. The second set begins at the Sanzen-in temple (the temple is known for its flowers during rainy season, thus ten thousand images of flowers).
Received 7/08/03
Sanzen-in Temple Continued, May's Birthday, School, etc:
The first batch is of Sanzen-in temple (with all the flowers), some subway shots, and May and I hangin' out on her birthday. The second card is of school and a party the dorm had last night to celebrate Tanabata.
Received 7/16/03
Gion Festival Day One:
First night of the Gion Festival!
Received 7/17/03
Gion Festival Day Two:
Second night at the Gion Festival.